Keyboard Drawers

Keyboard Drawers

Choose Your Ideal Rackmount Keyboard Drawer

Rackmount Keyboard drawers allow the user to position a monitor apart from the Rackmount LCD. If you have the Rackmount Monitor positioned at the top of the rack for viewing, the Rack Mount Keyboard Tray can be positioned in a more ergonomic position 36" to 42" for stand up height. If however, you do not need these seperated, the Rackmount Monitor line has a large selection of integrated Rackmount Monitor and Keyboard products to chose from. You can also add integrated Cat5 KVM Switches , the more economical DB-15 style KVM Switch into the 1U or 2U drawer chassis. The 1U keyboard drawers are designed in a modular fashion, providing the option of selecting a touchpad mouse or trackball mouse to go with the 104 key notebook layout. The keypad module can be replaced in the field be removing a series of phillips head screws around the perimeter of the sheet metal chassis, making it very easy for field replacement should the need arise. Keyboard Drawers come with enhanced aesthetics with a rugged, molded front panel with a built in two point latch mechanism. The drawers stay locked in place when not in use and have detents in the ball bearing slides to lock into an open position when typing. Keyboard drawers are available for SUN, MAC OS, Windows, and Linux systems.

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